A logical and reasoned analysis of facts and observations shows that a lending hand and humane approach which can help career aspirants to become self-oriented and independent is better than doles which make them habitual and dependent on others. Doles always cripple an individual’s endeavor to be self-dependent and de-motivated him/her to do even that work which he/she can himself/herself. Doles must be used as an exception rather than the principle. There are many examples of IAS toppers and other career aspirants in different fields who have proved their efforts made them successful in so odd situations where many can’t imagine.
Therefore approach should be changed into lending hands in the form of leadership, motivation, skills, and environment in which self-realization can evolve in every career aspirant to dream and decode his/ her tomorrow.

Lending and cooperative hands prepare us independent and decision-maker but united, courageous, stronger, rational, informative, intelligent, analytic, strategic, and finally successful in achieving every goal on the way of destination set before.” __ Dr. Md. Usmangani Ansari (founder of dcodesindia.in)

“No one knows everything but everyone knows something. If somethings of everyone come together that becomes many things as lending hands for one-another to overcome any hurdle in the way of success.” __ Dr. Md. Usmangani Ansari

Life experience is the greatest learned and effective teacher of all. What the hard knocks and sleepless nights of life can teach us, no teacher could ever match with. It is another matter of how we choose to learn from life lessons. As Albert Einstein said,

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” &
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Man is born by facing challenges from the very beginning of life in this world. Life is not a bed of roses. Everyone starts standing with many falls so walking and running. And failures are a natural phenomenon and part of life.
Every failure is a stepping stone to success. Failure teaches us a lot by revealing our weaknesses that must be overcome. It reveals the weakness of our planning and execution in our work. It guides and inspires us to put in more effort. It gives us the strength to act more decisively. Do you know, the filament bulb that lights not only our homes and houses but the darkness of our lives was invented by Thomas Alva Edison after more than a thousand times failures in his endeavor. On knowing this a reporter asked him whether Edison wasted his times in his efforts. Edison said,

“No I just found a thousand ways in which I could not make the filament bulb.”

Thus success and failure are two facets of the same coin. And this is the reason why it has been said that “success embraces those who embrace failures and failures become the pillar of success”.

The darkness after failure in the life of career aspirants and changing dynamics in every walk of global life in general and competitive career exams pattern, in particular, persuaded Dr. M.U. Ansari to make “career of others” like a dream project to reach on the top of success and satisfaction in scaling the trodden way of his life destination. Being a failure for the same due to lack of fruitful guidance in the past and a higher degree holder of M.Phil. and Ph.D., on research topics: “International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) and UN Administrative Problems” respectively, from one of the most renowned and known Indian central universities in the 1990s, he took “others’ career” as a life research topic to make others succeed not only in career exams but in life.

Dr. MU Ansari— Education

Pre-Medical, B.Sc. (Zoology), M.Sc. (Zoology) not completed due to transfer to M.A. (Pol. Sc.) for IAS competitive exam preparation, M. Phil. & Ph.D. on topics: International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) and UN Secretariat Administrative Problems respectively. 

Dr. MU Ansari— Work Experience

He joined World Book Encyclopedia, A-Z print research source knowledge of the USA’s most renowned and quality publishing company worldwide, as a content marketing manager in Delhi after leaving university education. He also worked in Universal Consultancy, at UNESCO Aptt. Delhi as a desk officer/career guide for higher education abroad.
He worked in UGESCO Career Centre, Gorakhpur as director and chief motivator to students, teachers, and parents regarding “how to plan, choose and make careers” of the new generation.
Some of the reports of college principals where the career programs were conducted along with media coverage given below:

Other Experiences

Content Head: Winsetinfo India Pvt. Ltd., IT web global company (Present) for technical writing and editing digital contents for websites, blogs, articles, etc.

Ex-Chief Editor: Disha Publication/ AIETS Pvt. Ltd. for academic, career, and competitive exams books.

Ex-Consultant Editor: Prabhat Prakashan for career/competitive books.

Ex-Editor-in-Chief: Diamond Publication for career and competitive exams magazines and books.

Ex-Sr. Editor: Arihant Publication for academic, career, and competitive exams books like CBSE Board, UPSC & states civil services exams.

Ex-Consultant Editor: Ane Publication for academic and professional courses books recommended in Indian and overseas colleges/ institutions/universities.

Ex-Principal: Sonia International School (boarding-cum-day CBSE school, I – XII standards),  


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